Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Green Activity

I decided to write yet another blog on green events not because I'm an environment conscious junkie, but rather because more and more clients are becoming educated on the simple ways to recycle without compromising their style and wallet.

We're all about creating one of a kind events and invitations, but if we can reusing things intelligently, ultimately wasting less, so where's the harm?

We hold the idea that being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean refusing the things we love and want, but rather designing, developing and using products in more informed, eco-friendly ways.

While in the planning stages of your event, big or small, special or corporate, consider the following ideas to show your guests your passion for the environment:

-        Have all of the elements of your event in one location so as to minimize the amount of driving for guests

-        find a local non-for-profit organization that will welcome the leftovers from your event rather then throwing it to waste

-        -consider (for weddings) rather then a registry with items you may not necessarily need, give your guests teh options to donate to your favorite organization in your name.

Your event invitation can set the tone for your environmentally friendly wedding. Today there are many options for 100% recycled, partially recycled or completely tree free papers which Over the Top Events can provide. Consider all the following where you can use recycled paper:

  • engagement announcements
  • save the date cards
  • shower invitations
  • shower thank you notes
  • wedding invitations
  • ceremony programs
  • place cards
  • menu cards
  • wedding announcements
  • thank you notes

 Your wedding flowers can be a place where you can make conscientious decisions which can have big eco consequences. Choosing a florist where organically grown, in-season, local flowers are used can be a much better earth friendly choice.
One thing that I try and have my clients participate in, is to donate the flowers to a local hospital or senior citizen center or send them home with your guests.
A great addition to the eco-friendly favors on the tables is to pull the "green" theme into your centerpieces. Table decor can take the form of small perenials or baby bushes that can later by planted by your guests. If you are looking for a vessel for the center of your table to hold sea shells or colorful rocks, consider vases made from recycled glass or a bamboo bowl, due to renewable tendencies.
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The I Do Foundation's Favors for Charity program
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Love the earth,

 photos courtesy of weddingobsession, dreamgreenweddings,thecakelist