Thursday, January 31, 2013

Creative Valentine Dates

The most romantic day of teh Year is around the corner... are you ready for it?

Here are the 5 Creative Valentine Dates, pick one and make it your own.

1. Write a song or poem expressing your love, one that you can sing or recite to your favorite melody.

2. Recruit a friend or relative to dress up and serve you a meal and dessert specially prepared beforehand. (Someone who will serve in silence and then leave.) Don't forget the candles, music and flowers.

3. Give your love a dance sheet, with your name filled in for every dance. Then take your valentine to dinner at a restaurant with a band or DJ playing that night. Or make a CD of love songs and spend the evening dancing in your living room.

4. A Great Pick Up - You can make it creative by your choice of transportation. And you don't need a limousine to impress your date. Try picking your sweetheart up on horseback, with a moped or having a motorcycle with a sidecar. 

5. Take a shower or bath together, have warm towels in the dryer, a fire in the fireplace, and a perfect nest in front of the fireplace. Prepare in advance sliced apples, bananas, cantalope, peaches, and kiwi fruit. Have a CD of love songs playing in the background. Blindfold your partner, let your valentine's senses examine the tastes and textures. This will be a very memorable, romantic evening I can promise you.