Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best tips for Wedding Hairstyles

The way in which you wear your hair for your wedding will be a big part of your overall look. Hair always sends a message, whether it is polished, beachy, trendy, or something else. Finding the right person to do your hair for your wedding is key, because your wedding is not the day to do your own hair or to trust an amateur. These tips will help you to find a great wedding hairstylist for your big day.

While many women already have a hairstylist that they trust without reservation, there are an equal number who do not have that kind of relationship with a particular stylist or salon. It might be that you get your hair cut at a walk-in salon or that you are getting married in a town far from your home and your hairdresser. Or perhaps you even have someone who normally cuts your hair, but you are not sure that you can trust her to style it for the most important event of your life. Whatever the case, bad hair results in a bad looking bride, so this is no time to take chances!

Start your search for the perfect wedding hairstylist by asking around. Word of mouth is always the best way to get recommendations. Keep in mind that styling hair can be very different than cutting or even coloring it, and that different stylists may have different specialties. I once knew a stylist who was a brilliant colorist, very talented at cutting hair, and always current with the latest trends and techniques. She had no interest in creating formal hairstyles however, and routinely referred brides to a more junior member of her salon who had great enthusiasm for updos and other wedding hairstyles. So be sure that you ask your friends, family, or wedding vendors specifically for a great wedding hairdresser, not just a great hairdresser.
Once you have a couple of recommendations, it is time to get on the phone. There are several important questions to ask any hairstylist you are considering. Of course, you need to know about their fees and their availability for your wedding date. If you are looking for a salon which has enough staff to style the hair of your entire bridal party, and the mothers of the bride and groom, in addition to the bride's hair, definitely see if they can handle that. Perhaps you are looking for a stylist who will come to your hotel on the morning of the wedding or one who has a great makeup artist available at her salon. Or maybe you have extremely long hair or want a non-traditional hairstyle; these are all important things to discuss with a potential stylist.

The next step is the trial run. Schedule it at least a couple of months before your wedding, in case you are not happy with the first attempt. Be sure to bring pictures of hairstyles which you like, a picture of your wedding gown, and your wedding hair jewelry. If you are planning to wear a special piece of wedding jewelry, such as a dramatic pair of crystal chandelier earrings, you may wish to bring those too so that your hairstyle can be planned to show them off. During your trial run, pay attention to things like how well the stylist listens to you, how informed she is of current trends in wedding beauty, and how long it takes her to achieve the style you like. Also go in with an open mind, because she may have some suggestions on how to improve upon a hairstyle you saw in a magazine. Be sure to leave your hair in the style created at the trial run for the rest of the day to see how well it holds up.

If the first trial run is a success, there is nothing left to do but to book your appointment for the morning of your wedding. If the hairstyle created was close, but not quite right, you may wish to have a second trial run to fine tune things. Of course, if you were not at all happy with either the hairstyle or the experience of working with a particular stylist, by all means, keep looking. Every bride deserves to have fabulous hair on her wedding day.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Yummy Wedding Treats

Let's get the wedding basics down; dancing, fun, laughing, celebration, love, and of course, food. Everyone knows that when they go to a wedding they are going to get a good meal and some delicious wedding cake. So why not top it off with some edible wedding favors?

Edible wedding favors can be presented in a wide variety of ways like in bags, glass containers, boxes, and many others depending on the item. But the fact is that your guests will absolutely love to sit down to some delicious treats whether it be some cupcakes, chocolate, mints, or any other scrumptious idea you can find to offer as the perfect wedding favors to your very important guests.

You can even use edible wedding favors such as candies, cookies and other treats to compliment the theme of your wedding and enhance all the hard work and long hours of planning that you have put into creating a wedding that is totally you and immensely dreamlike. Break barriers with edible wedding favors because your guests will automatically loosen up when they are munching on some of their favorite treats and talking animatedly about the beautiful ceremony that they all just witnessed. With some great edible wedding favors your guests will get ready to party, dance, and laugh with you at your wedding reception that you've worked so hard to make a reality.

You can even try personalizing the packages that these edible wedding favors come in so that your guests have a memento from your wedding even when the delicious treats have all been consumed by the happily munching mouths of your friends, family, and loved ones at your wedding reception. Here are a few stunning examples of edible wedding favors that will certainly enhance the mood at any wedding reception, whatever theme you have chosen during your months of careful planning.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Decor Ideas

When it comes to wedding decor, Over the Top Events is your one stop shop to ensure creative style and glam be the talk of your wedding. We not only work to incorporate your theme, shade ruse, location, term, family traditions, guests and budget, but we also ensure attention to detail and adding a personal touch be a weighing factor.  Wedding decor thoughts are guaranteed to make your wedding almost like a nightmare chain for you. Brides and groom alike go back and forth through their wedding planning stages on their concept and theme, that a great deal of time is lost, so why not bring in a professional to not only save you your valuable time, but as well save you money.
When working through your ideas for your wedding, here are some great ideas to keep in mind:

Venue decoration: Nowadays, weddings take place in all kinds of venues from mansions and gardens to beaches and vineyards. While selecting wedding decorations, take the time to balance in with the global feel of the place.

Theme-based decorations: Today, many people fondness having wedding themes that deem the period. When planning such a theme, ensure that the décor, candles, crockery and plants reflect the overall theme. For example, sallow or silver decorations for an iciness wedding and greens and flora for a spiral wedding.

Centerpieces: Centerpieces can be anything from low to tall flower arrangements, votive candles, candelabras, hovering or aromatic candles, wedding place license holders, petals, etc... When planning for your centerpiece keep in mind the height of the venue ceiling, and over size of the room.  Be sure to capture the color scheme while complimenting the rest of your table décor.

Candles: Besides being lovely eyesight, lighted candles also design a classical romantic atmosphere. When selecting candles as part of your overall décor, judge factors like the height, width, elegance, aroma, paint and burning time. For example, while votive candles would be superior for sharp functions, you must get post candles or tall tapers for a dinner with dance.  Another great way to add ambiance would be to select a votive in your color scheme, rather then go with that old boring clear or frosted votive.

Seating Card and Sing in Book Table: When drumming up ideas for this area be sure to remember that this will most likely be the first thing your guests see as part for your wedding decor.  Everyone always rushes to find where they’re seated and discover who else is sharing the table. Place card holders are great and although these cute objects may appear wholly unadorned, they can make a world of difference to a wedding.  The cost ranges from surprisingly affordable to very steep.  Add stunning arrangements to the table, and be sure to marry the overall them of the wedding.

Now that you have some ideas for wedding decorations, use these ideas and your imagination to coin a magical wedding day that is surely to make the feel elite and remain in the minds of guests for a long time.
Keep these ideas in mind and you’ll be sure to wow your guests,

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Style and trends for 2011 wedding receptions

The 2010 wedding season has pretty much come to an end and all the hot new (and some continued) trends are beginning for 2011. 

For a lot of couples planning their weddings, less is more this upcoming year. Many of my clients are having a lower guest count and a more intimate feel. Venues such as an art gallery, tented outdoor locations, beaches, farms, historical sites and other hipper locations are replacing the huge banquet halls of the past.
Today, receptions have many add-ons that were unheard of twenty years ago. Decked-out photo booths give a whole new element to what the photographer captures. This is a chance to have a photo of every single wedding guest, and have them take home a memory immediately with them.  Though a costly investment, for those DYI couples, and alternative would be to set-up an area in the reception with a backdrop and some fun props and have the photographers assistant tae the photos, rather then a full setup of a photo-booth which could run into the thousands for all the prints.

Comfy couches and intimate seating areas dotted throughout the venue provide the guests with a living-room feel that allows for conversation areas that are private, while also providing the photographer with casual and relaxed picture opportunities.

Cocktail hour commences with a wide array of finger foods that feels like a red carpet gala. Why not make this time a more sociable atmosphere by installing some lounges and sofas and increase the number of hors d’oeuvres, which will ultimately allow you to decrease the number of services during the main course.
For those that prefer the “traditional’ 4- 5 course meal, opt for a family-style service- think big platters loaded with chicken, beef and pastas, help spark conversation with guests who don’t know one another and provide a celebratory touch. Light-hearted dishes and a relaxed atmosphere will put a relaxing spin on the evening.  Also, very current are gourmet food stations with hors d’oeuvres and perhaps a brushetta bar is a big new trend. Buffet service is also in!

When going with a more intimate of rather less “traditional” wedding, many couples are choosing to offer an extraordinary dessert tables rather then the 4-6 tier wedding cake.  These eye candy tables are decorated with the theme of the wedding and so many delicious items for the guest to indulge in. An array of color is displayed on these tables and to name a few hot items which are pleasing to any guest are Macaroons, chocolate covered candy and pretzels, unique selection of shortbread or butter cookies, and of course the famous cupcakes (and minis) all dyed to match the colour of the wedding theme.

Be sure to check out our resources for more information on what’s hot in the upcoming 2011 wedding season,