Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Gifts- solving the question

Each time an invitation arrives in the mail, wedding guests face a common and sometimes frustrating dilemma: What should I buy the couple, and how much should I spend? Depending on the couple, where they live and their culture, giving cash is either considered apropos or gauche. And then there's always the quandary over the registry, especially when the only two options left are a $200 waffle maker and a $5 garlic press. After all, there's a fine line between breaking the bank to buy a generous gift and looking like a cheapskate.

Second Marriage
When it comes to second weddings, friends and relatives are not required to buy you a gift if they bought you one the first time, however most likely they will want to do so. It is acceptable to register for a second wedding.
If you so choose, here are some polite ways to say no gifts please.

Small Weddings

If you send a wedding announcement, rather than a wedding invitation, for a small wedding and not inviting many out-of-town friends and relatives, it is clearly implied that gifts are not necessary.

Gifts for your Guests

It’s common for brides and grooms to show their appreciation for their guests’ participation in your wedding ceremony by giving favors. Favors can consist of anything from a miniature box of chocolates to handmade keepsakes bearing the couple's name and wedding date.

Attendants’ Gifts

The bride and groom traditionally select special gifts to present to members of the wedding party in thanks for their special role in the event. Any amount you choose to spend is acceptable. You may consider gifts of higher value for your maid of honor and best man.

How Much is too Much? Or too Little?

There are no specific price guidelines for gifts. Gifts are based on what the guest believes the receiver would like, what they want to give and the amount the gift-giver can afford. There is no average amount that a guest needs to spend on a wedding or shower gift. Really, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

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