Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Shower Time!

Planning a baby shower can be tons of fun, but can also be quite time consuming. Consider these 3 important steps:

1. Shower ideas
2. Products and gifts
3. Food and beverage

Budgeting for a baby shower is one of the first considerations many hosts have to think about. It is also one of the most difficult to arrange. Your budget determines the whole event. From the number of guests you are planning to have to the location for the party. By setting a budget, you will not find yourself bankrupt and still have a successful party.

Who hosts the shower?
NOT the mom to be! That would be tacky

Co-hosting, or having several baby shower hosts, completely from outside the family, instead of just one, is becoming a popular option. Each host contributes a mutually-agreed upon amount to the shower fund and the expenditures are deducted from that joint funding.

Gifts should be opened at the baby shower during the party so guests can see the mother appreciate the gift and other attendees can see what was given.

Baby registries are very useful ways for friends of the expectant parents to know what baby items are needed and themes that are desired. While it may have been considered bad etiquette to include gift registry information in the baby shower invitation in past decades, it is now usually considered helpful to do so.

Regardless of the times, thank you notes never go out of style. After the baby shower a mother-to-be should send thank you notes to her guests within about a month.

And then we have the most important part.. the CAKE!

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