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A brides Wedding Tradition!

The origin of most of our wedding traditions stem from superstitions, and are handed down by folk lore. Because of this you will find various legends of our most popular customs.  Traditions vary from culture to culture. Some are widely used in modern wedding ceremonies, while others exist only within a certain race or culture. The Bridal Bouquet Toss

Believe it or not, the bridal bouquet toss celebration goes back to fourteenth century France where it was believed that a bride was especially lucky on her wedding day. Guests would rush towards the bride at the end of the ceremony in hopes of tearing off a piece of her dress to take home for their own good fortune. This often ended in a scuffle dangerous for the bride (and guests). For a brief time, in an effort to fend off the wild attacks, the bride would throw her stockings (or garter) until brides began to rebel against this undignified practice. Brides instead switched to throwing the bouquet and that tradition has remained in place.

Today it is still considered lucky to catch the bridal toss bouquet and the event is usually performed to a unique bouquet toss song. It is said that the lucky recipient will be the next to marry. If you are leery of performing the bouquet toss at your own ceremony, consider some great modern alternatives to that traditional bouquet toss. Make a presentation of the bridal toss bouquet to a dear friend instead of tossing it. Or, a great twist is to look inwards at the fortune you've found by presenting the tossing bouquet and tossing garter to a cherished, wedded couple whom inspired you both to become newlyweds.

List of Top 5 Requested Bridal Toss Songs

1. This One is For the Girls (Martina McBride)
2. Just a Girl (No Doubt)
3. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
4. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend (Marilyn Monroe)
5. I Feel Like a Woman (Shania Twain)

Something Old, Something New ...

Something Old Something New ...Many wedding traditions are rooted in superstition and are closely connected to good luck and bad luck. The following well-known wedding tradition dates back to victorian times.

The complete wedding tradition goes as follows ... Something old something new something borrowed something blue and, a lucky silver sixpence for her shoe.

Something Old ... represents the connection the bride will maintain to her family and the past. Many brides choose to wear an heirloom piece of family jewelry or the wedding gown belonging to a grandmother or mother to uphold this wedding tradition.

Something New ... symbolizes good fortune and success in the brides new life. A new wedding dress, new wedding garter or any other new item can represent this wedding tradition.

Something Borrowed ... serves to remind the bride that friends and family will always be there for her. The borrowed item can be anything of her choosing. Many times it is an antique handkerchief, an item of jewelry or a handbag. It is most often borrowed from the bride's mother, sister or another family member.

Something Blue ... represents loyalty and faithfulness. This symbolism dates back to biblical times when blue stood for purity and constancy. Brides often choose to wear a blue garter to keep with this tradition or blue ribbons in their hair. Violets also represent loyalty and faithfulness. Offering Personalized Violet Flower Seed Favors to wedding guests ties in nicely with this cherished wedding tradition.

A Lucky Silver Sixpence for Her Shoe ... stands for wishes of financial security and happiness for the bride in her new life. To uphold this fun wedding tradition on your wedding day, remember to carry a genuine Lucky Sixpence in your shoe.

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