Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Style color trends for 2011

This past season many couples mixed vintage with modern, this is just one of the hot trends being carried forward; in fact it has gotten much bigger with many couples going with a more Victorian approach. Many Brides and Grooms are actively looking for a connection to past traditions, some are looking to incorporate an item from their mother or grandmother’s wedding memorabilia into the mix.

Knowing that the trend this year is color, brides are seeking out Pantone’s Wedding Colors, which are “the stars” in the fashion world. 2011 colors are African violet, electric blue, chocolate truffle, red, living coral, antique dust rose, and crisp apple. These colors will be the most used and recognized this upcoming season and, when used in a palette, will provide a stimulating and exciting color combination to any wedding.

The bridal gown may be the ceremony’s show stopper, but wedding cakes are the main attraction at the reception. Many brides are incorporating the style of their gown into the designing of their cakes, with the addition of intricate icing, pearl and crystal studding, rosettes and lace. Stately, towering layers with metallic designs and colors are also making a statement.  The one thing that hasn’t changed from year to year is that, this decision is always in the bride’s hands.

We’re seeing the emergence of pinwheels, those colorful windmill decorations that are fun for guests to wave as the bride and groom drive off into their future, apr├Ęs the reception. They are cheerful to look at and more environmentally friendly than rice or confetti and create a festive mood.

Statistics are proving that couples today prefer to have a unique wedding rather than their parent’s traditional wedding of the past. There will still be traditional and ethnic wedding invitations in your mail box and no matter what mode the bride and groom are in- a wedding is a commitment to a future together and may it be blessed with love, laughter and friendship.

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