Monday, November 22, 2010

The Announcement

You'll have to properly inform guests of the extravagant event you plan to throw. The theme for your event starts with the invitation, which makes a huge statement while marking the person's expectations, and sets the tone for the whole evening. So, you'll want to be sure to keep your paper products a clear reflection on your style whether very formal, semi formal, modern, Victorian, casual, etc...

An invite with gold engraved script and a snow white ecru border is appropriate, but not too enchanting. To go totally out without stepping out of bounds, consider some of these ideas. Choose the finest paper: textured, flock, embossed, patterned a heavy stock, or marbled papers for the rich Chic look. Forget the natural floral-pressed papers; even a light weight text paper is a little too delicate. What's hot right now, and has been for a couple of years, is BIG, BOLD,  and BEAUTIFUL: elaborate typefaces -- invites that feature embellishments and ornaments, trimmings and ribbons, or fonts that are thick and heavy -- and reminiscent colors like teal, red wine, tangerine, and fuchsia; and rich textures such as velvet ribbons and baby brass pearls or stones.

Embrace embellishments and monogram watermarks. A simple two tone border or a double layered seal might be enough trimming. Unifying all your event stationary elements for your invite, reply card, menu card, envelope, and even program is crucial.

Whatever style of invitation you choose, make it's eye-catching!

Chat soon,